Test Rigs for Steering Systems

Modern steering systems take over a variety of vehicle safety and comfort functions. In addition to the basic requirements for functionality and steering behavior subjective quality characteristics such as noise and vibration and the haptic feedback to the driver have a major impact on the perceived quality of the steering system.

Our extremely quiet and low vibration actuators and testing systems enable reproducible simulation of driver functions and road & vehicle inputs acting on a steering system to experimentally develop, evaluate and validate NVH metrics and to experimentally verify EPS functions in order to achieve performance goals over the customer-equivalent useful life of a steering system.


Reproducible Simulation of Driver Functions and Road & Vehicle Inputs


Four SMTS Systems running independend tests Rack Rattle & Clatter Analysis Extreme quiet rotary exciter for simulation of driver inputs Evaluate performance characteristics of I-Shafts
Steering Module
Test Simulator (SMTS)
Rack Load Simulator Driver-Simulator I-Shaft Test System
Repeatable simulation of driver functions and road & vehicle inputs acting on steering systems to evaluate NVH performance. Steering gear, or rack, rattle performance tests under simulated road load conditions applied to column & rack assemblies. Extreme quiet and low vibration rotary exciter and control system for simulation of different driving maneuvers and torques. Evaluate performance characteristics of I-shafts, inner tie-rods, columns, couplings & isolators under environmental wear.


Road Load Data Acquisition & NVH analysis


Mobile data acquisition of forces, accelerations, displacements, torque etc. Sound & Vibration Test System
Road Load Data Acquisition NVH Test Systems
Acquisition of excitation signals in the field and transfer of road load data to steering test systems. NVH Test System for objective evaluation of functional noises & vibration and Squeaks & Rattles.



Optional Accessories:

NVH Test System
› Microphones & Sensors


Data Sheets:

Driver Simulator
BSR SUITE Test System
Objective S&R Testing



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