MB Steering Module Test Simulator (SMTS)

The MB Dynamics Steering Module Test Simulator (SMTS) technologies are used in the test lab to test and evaluate steering systems for: road-excited column and rack rattles and functional noises; NVH issues; durability; and steering performance design verification by repeatably controlling customer driving maneuvers. The SMTS is useful to vehicle OEMs and steering suppliers.

These non-hydraulic SMTS technologies are quiet (acoustically and electrically) to help troubleshoot, identify, diagnose, and resolve root causes of annoying noises and other such performance issues in EPS, EPHS, EPAS, MDPS, and HPS steering technologies. The SMTS simulates driver functionality and driving maneuvers (Driver Simulator) and simulates road and vehicle inputs (Rack Load Simulators) acting on the steering system. They enable experimental correlation of model predictions and validation of the power-assist control system and its transfer functions to help achieve subjective and objective NVH metrics and to characterize steering system sensitivity and performance.


Lab-Based Simulation of Driver Inputs & Road and Vehicle Inputs into Steering Systems


SMTS using eelectrodynamics Rack-Load-Simulators

Smooth Road Shake & EPS Performance Test

Analysis of running noise



  • Test for annoying running noises, noises due to road-excited stimuli and customer-actuated driving maneuvers such as
    • Rattle Noise
    • Zipper Noise
    • Growl Noise
    • Howl Noise
    • Reversal clunks
    • End of Travel Noise
    • Squeaks
    • Shudder...
  • Condition or wear gears in the lab to accumulate accelerated customer equivalent kilometers (life cycles)
  • Verify steering system performance during lab-simualted driving, parking and impact / pothole events using load inputs and vibration from measured road data
  • Assess steering effort & feel, responsiveness and driver´s tactile feel
  • Evaluate steering wheel torque variations due to wheel unbalance and other instabilities at the wheel / tire / road interface
  • Evaluate steering performance during critical driving conditions
  • Benchmarking

Features & Components:

  • Extreme quiet electrodynamic, pneumatic, or electro-pneumatic Rack Load Simulator - No hydraulics, no oil!
    • Static forces: ±12kN -24kN
    • Dynamic forces: ±10kN for road load simulation
    • Stroke: 20mm pk-pk or 200mm pk-pk @ tie rod end
  • Extreme quiet Driver Simulator
    • Continuous torque: up to 50Nm (for DS 50)
    • Peak torque: up to 125Nm (for DS 50)
    • Max steering angle: unlimited
    • Max steering rate, deg/sec: up to 2880 (for DS 10)
  • Moveable gear stand with customized mounting adapters
  • Height-adjustable column stand
  • PC-based multi-test head, closed-loop data acquisition and control system
  • Acquisition of torque, force, angle, displacement, current & acceleration
  • Compact & mobile measurement system for Road Load Data Acquisition
  • NVH Test System for recording, analysis and objective evaluation of noise and vibration


Optional Accessories:

NVH Test System
› Microphones & Sensors


Data Sheets:

Rack Rattle Test System
Driver Simulator
BSR SUITE Test System
Objective S&R Testing



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