Squeak & Rattle Test Solutions

MB has earned a worldwide reputation for innovative Buzz, Squeak & Rattle test solutions and is the leading worldwide supplier of Squeak & Rattle Test Equipment. Our technology focuses on helping You detect, diagnose and eliminate these annoying sounds through design verification testing, and production verification testing before the vehicle reaches the customer.

Our Squeak & Rattle test systems built quiet for S&R, powerful for durability and multi-axis for realism. Combining Squeak & Rattle and durability test facilities improves productivity and equipment utilization. The nearly silent operation allows for easier detection and rout cause analysis of Squeaks & Rattles. MB Squeak &Rattle Test System meet the strict requirements on low operating background noise of different test procedure such as GMW14011, FORD CETP-L-413, PSA STE9646364399 and BMW PR311-2.

MB delivers custom turn key test solutions including mobile data acquisition systems, acoustic test system for objective evaluation of acoustic quality, weight-optimized fixtures, calibration and training. Knowledge gained through our many installations and consultations can be applied to Your application.

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Squeak & Rattle Test Systems for Components, Subsystems, Full Vehicles & Steering Systems

Schwingtisch für vertikale Anregungen Schwingtisch für sequentielle Anregung in x-,y- und z-Achse Vertical Pitch&Roll Schwingtisch Mehrachsen Schwingtisch
Components Subsystems Full Vehicles Steering Systems
Quiet electrodynamic Shaker Systems and Horizontal Moving Tables for small and mid-size components Quiet Squeak & Rattle Test Systems for Modules & Subsystems, Excitation in 1-6 DOFs Full vehicle S&R Systems for production verification and off-line auditing for identifying Squeak & Rattle root causes Quiet Steering Module Test Simulators for simulation of Road & Vehicle inputs and driver functionality in the lab


Drive-File Generation, Acoustic Test Systems & Component Fixtures

Drive-File Generation Acoustic Test Systems Component Fixtures
Acquisition of excitation signals in the field and transfer of road load data to the Shaker Test System. Test Systems for objective evaluation of Squeaks & Rattles according to different test specifications. Design and Manufacturing of custom component fixtures and mounting brackets.


Please note the wide range of accessories and services for our Squeak & Rattle test systems.

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MB S&R Services:

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