Vertical Pitch & Roll +4D shaker system (VPR+4D)

The Vertical Pitch & Roll +4D shaker system combines the capabilities of a Vertical Pitch & Roll shaker and a shaker system for sequential excitation in x- y- and z-axis in a single system. In VPR-mode the system enables simultaneous excitation in up to 5 axes in a single test. Simultaneous excitation in Vertical Pitch & Roll mode results in a more realistic simulation of real world excitation conditions and is very effective for Squeak & Rattle analysis. Vertical Pitch & Roll excitation has become a standard for Squeak & Rattle testing and is required in different Squeak & Rattle test specification.

In Sequential-4D mode the system can be used for sequential excitation in x-, y-, z- and roll-axis. Sequential excitation in vertical, fore-aft and lateral direction one axis at a time is requested in several durability and Squeak & Rattle test specifications. Combining the advantages of multi-axis excitation and sequential excitation in single axes in one system makes the VPR+4D an extremely flexible and universal tool for a wide range of Squeak & Rattle and durability tests.


Vertical Pitch&Roll+4D Shakerprüfstand

VPR+4D Schwingerreger für Squeak&Rattle Prüfungen

MIMO Controller - User Interface

MIMO Controller - Selection of Excitation Profiles

Squeak&Rattle Prüfung an einem Vordersitz

MIMO-Drive-File Processor

Vertical Pitch & Roll+4D Shaker Sytsem

Objective Squeak & Rattle Testing with BSR SUITE


  • Simultaneous excitation in up to 5 axes in VPR-mode
  • Sequential excitation in vertical, fore-aft, lateral and roll (vertical out-of-phase)
  • Uses two extremely quiet Energizer BLACK or Energizer SILVER vibration exciters
  • Maximum forces VPR+4D using 2 Energizer BLACKs:
    • SINE: 7.200N peak (continuous-duty)
    • RANDOM: 4.320N RMS
    • TIME HISTORY / SHOCK (instantaneous): 14.400N peak
  • Maximum forces VPR+4D using 2 Energizer SILVERs:
    • SINE: 16.020N peak (continuous-duty)
    • RANDOM: 10.440N RMS
    • TIME HISTORY / SHOCK (instantaneous): 32.040N peak
  • Can be operated in uncooled mode up to 50% of maximum force
  • Max. displacement: 22mm peak-peak
  • Max. velocity: 1,5m/s
  • Max. payload: 315kg
  • Active air spring load support to support static test loads of up to 225kg
  • MIMO-Controller enables combination of Roll- and Pitch-mode in a single test
  • Control software includes SINE, RANDOM and TIME HISTORY
  • Lightweight, 1500mm * 600mm magnesium fabricated mounting table of honeycomb construction with lightening holes,
  • M10 threaded inserts on 150mm * 150mm grid pattern for fixation of fixtures and test items
  • Optional table extensions to increase the mounting surface up to 1900mm * 1000mm
  • Optional Chamber Readiness Kit enables use inside environmental chamber from -40°C to +60°C including humidity
  • Electrical power requirements: 220-240VAC, 3 Phase @ 32A
  • Compressed air: free of oil, 2bar @ 30 liters/min

Key Differentiators:

  • One test system for a wide range of durability and Squeak & Rattle test specifications from different OEMs
  • Recommended in different Squeak & Rattle test specifications for quality inspections and production verification tests on IPs, seats and other components
  • Extremely quiet operation <32 dB(A) when simulating typical S&R test tracks *
  • Typical Operating Noise fulfills requirements of Noise Rating Curve NR22 **
  • Simultaneous excitation in up to 5 DOFs enables very realistic simulation of driving conditions in multiple axes in a single test
  • High correlation to road testing - very effective in replicating Squeaks & Rattles which were found on test tracks
  • Cost effective compared to 5- or 6-axis shaker systems
  • Low maintenance, no hydraulics, no oil
  • No seismic mass required


* Typical Squeak & Rattle test profile with vibration levels up to 0.3gRMS,
** When simulating typical Squeak & Rattle test tracks

Optional Accessories:

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