S&R Energizers - Since 20 years the quietest shakers in the world!

Operating Background Noise fulfills requirements of Noise Rating Curve NR18!

Since 20 years MB S&R Energizers are proven to be the quietest shakers in the world. The extreme low typical operating background noise fulfills the requirements of Noise Rating Curve 18 and makes the MB Energizer shaker systems the worldwide most frequently used standard for Squeak & Rattle testing. The technological base for the unique quiet operation of the MB Energizer shaker systems is the permanent magnet technology and the patented frictionless guidance of the moving element.

MB Energizers are ideally suited for subjective and objective evaluation of Buzzes, Squeaks & Rattles (BSR) according to different Squeak & Rattle test specifications such as GMW14011, GM7293TP, BMW PR311-2 or PSA "Specification bruit parasites".

A comprehensive range of accessories and many years of experience in the field of Squeak & Rattle testing allow us to design custom, turnkey Squeak & Rattle test systems for subsystems, components und full vehicles. Contact MB for more information on Squeak & Rattle testing...


Overview & Performance MB Energizer Series - Since 20 years the quietest shakers in the world!

  S&R Energizer RED - quiet electrodynamic shaker system S&R Energizer BLUE - quiet electrodynamic shaker system S&R Energizer BLUE - quiet electrodynamic shaker system S&R Energizer SILVER - quiet electrodynamic shaker system
  Energizer RED Energizer BLUE Energizer BLACK Energizer SILVER
Max. Excitation Force Requires Cooling, uncooled operation up to 50% of max. excitation force
SINE 400N pk 1000N pk 2000N pk 4450N pk
RANDOM 250N RMS 600N RMS 1200N RMS 2900N RMS
PEAK FORCE (instantaneous) 1000N pk 2000N pk 4000N pk 8900N pk
Operating Background Noise Using a typical Squeak & Rattle test profile
Noise Rating Curve (NR) NR16, typical NR18, typical NR18, typical NR18, typical
Sound Pressure Level [dB(A)]* <25dB(A) <28 dB(A) <28 dB(A) <28 dB(A)
N10 Time Varying Loudness** <0,1 sone <0,2 sone <0,2 sone <0,2 sone
Stroke pk-pk 38mm 50mm 50mm 50mm
Max. Velocity 1,3m/s 1,5m/s 1,5m/s 1,5m/s
Frequency Range DC to 6000Hz DC to 2000Hz DC to 2000Hz DC to 2000Hz
Diameter Mounting Table 100mm 200mm 250mm 250mm
Surface Mounting Pattern 50mm*50mm (M6) 50mm*50mm (M6) 50mm*50mm (M6) 50mm*50mm (M6)
Weight Armature & Table 1,6kg 5,1kg 9,2kg 14,9kg
Temp.- & Overtravel Control Optional Included Included Included
Weight (incl. Trunnion Base) 30kg 325kg 590kg 545kg
Max. Payload vert. Excitation (without Load-Support) 3 kg 12kg 25kg 25kg
Max. Payload vert. Excitation
(with Load Support)
  30kg 90kg 90kg
Max. Payload Horiz. Excitation (without hor. moving table) 2 kg 8kg 12kg 12kg
Recommended Amplifier MB500VI MB1000VI    


* A-weighted, FAST (125ms) Sound Pressure level over the complete AUDIO frequency range from 20Hz-20000Hz
** N10 Time Varying Loudness in accordance with DIN45631/A1, measured in accordance with GMW14011


Please note the available accessories for our Squeak & Rattle test systems.


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Operating Noise Specs:

Confused about different operating background noise specifications?
Learn more about how MB measures and specifies the operating background noise of our shaker systems.



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