MB Millenium MIMO Vibration Controller

The MB Millenium™ MIMO controller replicates actual-use vibration conditions by simultaneously controlling up to six actuators connected to one test item running independent vibration profiles, synchronized or unsynchronized. MIMO shaker control applications include Time History Replication and Random vibration (PSD control), as well as single-shaker and multi-shaker Sine.

Practical MB hardware features and functions from 40+ years of applications know-how honed by doing vibration and dynamics tests augment commercially-available, continuously-innovated A/D and D/A hardware. The MB Millenium™ MIMO controls electrodynamic, electromagnetic, pneumatic, and hydraulic actuators as
well as linear and rotary motion control test systems. Profiles are acceleration, velocity, displacement, force, motion – and mixed profiles to simulate the end-use environment. A test item’s “End-Use” vibration environment imposes multiple load inputs from multiple directions. A realistic test lab simulation should do the same. MB’s Millenium MIMO makes it reliable and affordable.


MB Millenium MIMO Vibration Control System


GUI Millenium MIMO TIME HISTORY Vibration Controller

Millenium MIMO enables control of up to 6 shaker systems

MIMO Drive-File Processor

MIMO control of Steering Module Test Simulator


  • Up to 6 outputs and 16 inputs - handles up to 6 exciters
  • Differential low noise Inputs: AC- or DC-coupled, IEPE supply (4mA) - all software selectable
  • Sensor types: Acceleration, Velocity, Displacement, Encoder, Force, Angular Position / Rate, Torque
  • 24-bit delta-sigma ADC´s. 50000 Sps/channels, simultaneous sampling
  • Outputs individually isolated to eliminate ground loops
  • Control of Acceleration, Force or Displacement
  • Compensates simultaneously cross-coupled dynamic responses from multiple actuators
  • 10kHz bandwidth; 0.1Hz min. frequency
  • Up to 32000 spectral lines
  • DIO functions enable controller-initiated or externally-initiated commands to or from the test equipment
  • Import and export to Excel
  • Import of RPC-III files

Key Differentiators:

  • "Millenium Fusion" Control Laws
    • Fusion of classic electro-dynamic (Fourier) & Servo-motor control (PID)
    • Superior control of chaotic payloads (IP´s, Seats)
    • Much faster convergence, saves test time
  • Enhanced Control Accuracy - Errors typically under 5%, often as low as 2%
  • Coordinate Transforms
    • Superior control of multi-axis shaker systems
    • Uses natural coordinates (Vertical & Roll; 6 DOF)
    • Allows direct control of certain high-Q test article resonances
  • Skewness, Kurtosis and Crest Factor control


Optional Accessories:

› Control sensors
› MB Test Sequencer


Data Sheets:

MB Millenium MIMO



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