MB I-Shaft Test System

The MB I-Shaft test system is used to evaluate performance characteristics of I-Shafts, inner tie-rods, columns, couplings and isolators or combinations under environmental, wear and various boundary conditions.

An ultra-quiet Driver Simulator is used to apply controlled static or oscillating torsional loads. The control software acquires, computes and outputs position, wrap-up, hysteresis and other parameters of importance.


Analysis of stick-slip, lash, torsional stiffness and hysteresis of I-Shafts, inner tie-rods & columns


I-Shaft Test System with extreme quiet Driver-Simulator

Local climatic conditioning

Control Software for I-Shaft Test System

Measurement and evelauation of Stick-Slip Noise


  • Analysis of
    • Stick-Slip
    • Lash
    • Torsional Stiffness
    • Wrap-Up & Hysteresis


  • Ultra-quiet Driver Simulator applies static torsional loads or oscillations
  • Custom test parameters for
    • Amplitude
    • Frequency
    • Duration
    • Torque
  • Up to 4 measurements for position, stiffness and/or hysteresis
    • Upper steering
    • Intermediate shaft
    • Column only
  • TTL quadrature encoders mount to steering column, shaft etc.
  • Torque resolution: 0.01 Nm
  • Angular resolution of Wrap-Up: 0.01 deg
  • Software acquires, computes and outputs position, wrap-up, hysteresis & other parameters if importance
  • Detection and measurement of Stick-Slip with user definable failure limits
  • Optional NVH test system for objective evaluation of operating noise and vibrations under different loads and boundary conditions.


Optional Accessories:

NVH Test System
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Data Sheets:

MB Driver Simulator



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