Driver Simulator - Extreme quiet closed loop controlled rotary actuator

The MB Driver Simulator product family offers extreme quiet, repeatable closed-loop controlled rotary motion. It is used to simulate driver functionality by generating repeatable and precise steering maneuvers of position/angle, angular rate, or torque using imported time histories of measured drive files or user-customizable sine, triangle, sawtooth, square and trapezoid waveform.

The slotless design avoids cogging or torque fluctuations and enables smooth motion without acoustic disturbances or contamination of the waveform quality. Frictionless porous-media air bearings enable high accelerations and an extreme low operating background noise.

The Driver Simulator can be used standalone or in conjunction with Rack Load Simulators. The Driver Simulator may also be used for other applications which require coordinated control of torque, position and acceleration.


Lab-Based Simulation of Driver Inputs to Steering Systems


Driver Simulator in column stand

DS10 Driver Simulator

Software for closed-loop

Control Software

Features & Applications:

  • Typical applications:
    • I-Shaft Stick-Slip
    • Smooth Road Shake
    • Zipper Noise
    • Reversal Clunk
    • Endurance
    • Or any other applications which require coordinated control of torque, position and acceleration.
  • Wafevorms produced:
    • ASCII-import of position vs. time or torque vs. time
    • Sine
    • Triangle,
    • Sawtooth
    • Square
  • Frequency response: DC-50Hz
  • CAN communications: SMTS and Driver Simulator can broadcast CAN messages every 2msec or 4 msec
  • Analog outputs: position, rate, torque or current via BNC
  • Digital I/O: 4 channels availabe
  • Absolute encoder with photoelectric scanning, multi-turn, 33.6*10^6 pulses/revolution
  • Single axis digital servo controller with integral power supply, PWM amplifier and position controller in a single package
  • Optional rotating torque sensor (contactless), ± static and dynamic measurements, accuracy ±0.1% FS, ±10V torque output, 3kHz bandwidth

Key Differentiators:

  • Low Noise, 20Hz-20kHz, 1/4 Hz sine waveform, ±400 degrees: <30dB(A),
    column or rack noises will not be masked or influenced by Driver Simulator noise!
  • Slotless Stator: No cogging related effects, smooth operation
  • Low friction and low vibration
  • Long rotary displacement (infinite revolutions)
  • Steering/specific software for simulation of typical driving maneuvers
  • Can be combined with MB Rack Load Simulators


MB Driver Simulator Performance Specifications


Specification DS 10Nm DS 25 Nm DS 50Nm
Continuous Torque, +/- Nm 10 25 50
Peak Instantaneous Torque, +/- Nm 25 75 125
Torque Resolution (with optional torque sensor), % ± 0,1% Full Scale ± 0,1% Full Scale ± 0,1% Full Scale
Max Steering Angle, degrees Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
Angle resolution, absolute encoder, pulses/rev 33.6 x10^6 33.6 x10^6 33.6 x10^6
Max Steering Rate or Velocity, deg/sec peak (rev/sec) 2880 (8) 2000 (5.6) 2000 (5.6).
Angular acceleration, bare rotor, deg/sec² pk 23000 20000 20000
Rotary Inertia, bare rotor, kg m² 0.026 0.076 0.158
Nominal Steering Angle, lock-to-lock, deg ± 600 ± 600 ± 600
Nominal Time. lock-to-lock, sec 0.43 0.6 0.6
Weight, kg 20 36 52
Input Power: 100-240 VAC, 50/60Hz, single phase, kW 1.5 2 4
Performance with typical load of 0.025kg m² and 2.5Nm torque losses
0.5 Hz sine motion, deg ±700 ±1400 ±1500
1 Hz sine motion, deg ±200 ±360 ±420
5 Hz sine motion, deg ±8 ±14 ±17
10 Hz sine motion, deg ±1.5 ±3.5 ±4
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Optional Accessories:

NVH Test System
Microphones & Sensors


Data Sheets:

Driver Simulator


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