MB BSR SUITE - Objective Squeak & Rattle Testing

Repeatable and comparable objective S&R testing using Adaptive Background Noise Compensation

MB has currently released a new algorithm for objective Squeak & Rattle testing with BSR SUITE. The algorithm is based on Time Varying Loudness according to DIN 45631/A1 and allows applying Adaptive Background Noise Compensation to audio measurements. Adaptive Background Noise Compensation removes stationary or slow changing environmental background noise like hum- or hiss-noise, room resonances and operating background noise radiated from the floor, fixture and test item. The influence of stationary background noise gets minimized while Squeak & Rattle noises can be detected more clearly. Differences in between test items with no BSR issues and noisy test items with overlaid Buzzes, Squeaks & Rattles become visible immediately.
By reducing the influence of environmental background noise, room acoustics and operating background noise the repeatability and comparability of objective Squeak & Rattle tests performed in different environments and on different test systems gets clearly improved. Adaptive Background Noise Compensation works with totally different excitation profiles (SINE-, RANDOM- or TIME HISTORY) without any adjustments to the algorithm. Objective Squeak & Rattle testing becomes repeatable, comparable, easy and save.    


Objective Squeak & Rattle Testing using Adaptive Background Noise Compensation


Ticking Noise with overlaid Random Background Noise with increasing amplitude

Ticking with overlaid RANDOM noise

Ticking Noise - Random Noise compensated

Time varying loudness & percentile levels

Features and analysis functions:

  • Standard Feature in BSR SUITE - No option, no extra costs
  • User selectable HP-, LP- and BP filters
  • Time Varying Loudness according to DIN45631/A1
  • Switchable Adaptive Background Noise Compensation
  • Level statistics: Nx percentile levels, max, min, max-min and average
  • Specific loudness spectra over time (sonogram)
  • Time synchronized play-back & analysis
  • Real-Time Analysis & Testing
  • Import of Audio data (WAV)

Key Differentiators:

  • Improves repeatability and comparability of objective Squeak & Rattle tests in different environments
  • Reduces the influence of room acoustics
  • Improves distinctiveness of good and noisy test items
  • Adapts automatically to changes in the excitation signal
  • Easy & safe: Works with different road profiles and test items without any adjustments
  • Can be used for SINE, RANDOM & TIME HISTORY tests
  • Real-time calculation of multiple Nx percentile levels over up to 4 user definable time sections
  • Testing against user definable thresholds, threshold curves and reference spectra
  • Objective BSR testing using multiple road profiles in a single run
  • Optional Test Sequencer enables fully automated test sequences including vibration control and communication with environmental chambers

Optional Accessories:

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Data Sheets:

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