MB BSR SUITE - Road Load Data Acquisition & Drive File generation

BSR SUITE includes predefined test setups for Road Load Data Acquisition (RLDA) with up to 64 simultaneous measurement channels. In combination with the compact portable USB Hardware and the intuitive user interface RLDA becomes easy and safe. Drive-File generation for full vehicles, subsystems and components based on proven algorithms, integrated know-how and procedures to transfer vibration conditions from the road to the lab improve the simulation quality and correlation to road testing.


BSR Suite - Road load data acquisition, drive-file generation nd alignment of shaker tests


BSR SUITE 64 channel frontend

BSR SUITE Cut&Paste of different recordings

Schneiden und Zusammenstellen von Anregungsdaten verschiedener Teststrecken

BSR SUITE Calculation of PSD Spectra for RANDOM excitation

Features and analysis functions:

  • Mobile data acquisition systems from 4-64 channels incl. IEPE power supply
  • 24bit A/D converters with sample rates up to 105.4kHz
  • Simultaneous time signal recording in parallel to real-time analysis
  • Filters: User selectable HP-, LP- and BP filters
  • Analysis of accelerations, velocities, displacements and forces in the vehicle
  • Vibration level: RMS, Peak, Crest, Exp.avg. vibration level
  • Calculation of PSD-, FFT-spectra
  • Drive-file generation for full vehicles and different subsystems and components such as instruments panels, seats, middle consoles etc. in 1 to 6 DOFs
  • Preview allows quick check of recorded time signals in the field
  • Cutting, filtering, scaling and resampling of recorded data
  • Combination and mixing of different test tracks or signal sections by COPY&PASTE from multiple records
  • Calculation of equivalent PSD-spectra based on multiple, user selectable sensor locations for RANDOM-excitation
  • Rescaling and smoothing of PSD spectra
  • Calculation of signal statistics (GRMS, CREST, MIN, MAX...) for each channel
  • Direct transfer of excitation profiles to Vibration Controller system


Key differentiators:

  • Compact and mobile data acquisition hardware
  • Predefined setups for road load data acquisition - easy to use
  • Independent analysis block length from 1024 to 65384 samples enables high resolution in time and frequency domain
  • Virtual channels for arithmetic combination of different input channels
  • Separation of in-phase and out-of-phase motion
  • Import of external data in TXT-, CSV- or RPC III-format
  • Build-in know-how and proven algorithms for calculation of excitation profiles to achieve high correlation to road testing
  • Easy data transfer to vibration control systems


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