Training & Consulting Services for Acoustic Quality Test Systems

Acoustic quality is an essential quality feature that has a direct impact on the product quality perceived by customers. However the optimization of acoustic quality often fails due to missing or insufficient definition of measureable objectives. Product specifications and test specifications for acoustic quality often just include very basic acoustic measures such as A-weighted sound pressure levels in dB(A) which cannot be used for evaluation of quality relevant noise characteristics such as sound color, tonality, unexpected changes in loudness or sound color or superimposed interfering noises such as squeaks and rattles.

MB provides training and consulting services in the areas of

  • Sound & Vibration analysis

  • Definition of product specific quality relevant noise characteristics

  • Transformation of noise characteristics to suitable acoustic analysis methods

  • Determination of customer-relevant, product specific target values that can be realistically achieved through optimized production processes

  • Alignment & calibration of 100% inline acoustic quality test systems

  • Offline data analysis and statistical evaluation

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