Engineering Services for Acoustic Quality Test Systems

Repeatability of objective test results and high correlation to the averaged subjective perception of sound quality are the basic requirements for a successful implementation of acoustic test systems. The acoustic behavior of test objects can be influenced by different reference conditions and influencing parameters. Sound and structure-borne sound measurements can be influenced by noises and vibrations from the test environment. Possible influencing factors and disturbances must be analyzed in relation to the distinctiveness of typical good and rejected parts prior to the design and integration of the acoustic test system. Corrective actions must be considered during the design phase.

Based on many years of experience MB provides engineering services to assist in each stage of process during planning, design, implementation and support of acoustic test systems.


Stage 1 - Engineering services prior to the integration of acoustic test systems


MB provides engineering services for analysis of the basic suitability of an inline acoustic test system prior to the implementation. The preliminary investigation covers important engineering tasks which must be carried out prior to the design and implementation of an acoustic test system:

  • Analysis of the basic distinctiveness of a selection of typical good and rejected parts

  • Analysis of the basic distinctiveness of different typical faults

  • Development of suitable metrics for

    • distinction of good and rejected parts

    • distinction of typical faults and

    • objective evaluation of different sound quality features

  • Analysis of the repeatability of test results under lab conditions

  • Analysis of noises and vibrations in the test / production environment and possible influences on the repeatability of test results

  • Analysis of the repeatability of the complete test process including handling, positioning, mounting etc.

Stage 2 - System design, implementation and alignment


Based on the findings obtained during the preliminary investigation MB designs complete acoustic test bench solutions including:

  • Design of a sound and vibration isolated test bench

  • Design of vibration isolated test fixtures for support of the test objects

  • Selection of suitable sensors for measurement of sound & vibration and other important physical parameters

  • Design of suitable sensor support mechanisms for automated and repeatable connection of the sensors to the test item

  • Setup and configuration of the acoustic test system

  • Programming of customer specific interfaces for integration of the acoustic test system into an existing test bench or communication with a superior test bench control system

  • Fine tuning of metrics and thresholds

  • Design and manufacturing of calibration devices for calibration of the complete acoustic test system and simulation of reference test items

  • Start-up assistance and training for operators and system supervisors

Stage 3 - Maintenance, Training & Engineering Support

  • Support from NVH experts for analysis of customer relevant noise issues

  • Definition of suitable metrics for objective evaluation of acoustic quality and detection of specific noise characteristics

  • Development and adjustment of thresholds and prediction of the number of rejected parts based on actual measured variations in acoustic quality

  • Calibration services

  • Remote maintenance & online support

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