Inline Acoustic Quality Test Systems

Material faults, assembly errors or functional problems lead to characteristic changes in the sound and vibration behavior. Acoustic test systems can be used to detect functional errors, assembly errors and acoustic quality problems. Our fully automated acoustic test systems are used for 100% end-of-line testing of driven components and assemblies such as engines, electrical drives, pumps, vents, adjusters, white goods and loudspeaker systems.

Depending on the test item and test environment different sensors such as accelerometers, microphones, laser sensors and current probes can be used for objective analysis of functional noises and vibrations in real-time. Our BSR SUITE test system enables the analysis and objective evaluation of sound and vibration, force, torque, current, RPM, temperature and other parameters on up to 64 measurement channels. Freely programmable error specific metrics are used to detect and differentiate typical faults and to provide rework instructions directly at the production line. Objective test results can be transferred to statistical quality control systems.

Safety and performance tests can be combined with functional tests and acoustic quality tests in a single test bench. Acoustic test systems are also used in endurance test benches in development and quality departments.

MB Dynamics delivers turnkey acoustic test systems. We support our customers from the development of suitable test criteria, objective metrics and thresholds to the integration of acoustic test systems into existing or new test benches, training for users and system supervisors, calibration and online support.


100% Inline Testing of Acoustic Quality, Function & Performance


Acoustic Test of electrical motor

Sound Quality test based on reference FFT/ or order spectra

Sound Quality test based on 1&3 octave reference spectra

Testing against level thresholds

Sound quality test against Loudness threshold curve

Time varzing loudness and loudness spectra over time

Order- & signature analysis


  • 100% end-of-line testing of acoustic quality, function & performance of
    • Engines
    • Gear motors
    • Electrical drives and adjusters
    • Pumps
    • Vents
    • White Goods
    • Hard disks
    • Loudspeakers ...
  • Endurance test benches in development and quality departments
  • Detection of typical acoustic quality problems such as
    • Squeak noise from bearings or guides
    • Hum or buzz noise
    • Howl and screech noise
    • Chatter and rattle noise...
  • Detection of stiffness problems and assembly faults
  • Performance and safety testing


  • Up to 64 channels for analysis and objective evaluation of
    • Sound, acceleration, velocity, displacement
    • Torque, angle of rotation, position
    • RPM
    • Current, power consumption
    • Temperature
  • Comprehensive signal analysis features including
    • Level over time with user selectable averaging time constants
    • Level statistics including percentile levels
    • FFT-Analysis with up to 65
    • 1/n Octave Band Spectra
    • Order analysis (Order spectra and Order level over time or RPM)
    • Sound quality analyses such as loudness, sharpness, roughness, tonality
  • Signal statistics and averaging over different user definable time sections
  • Testing against user definable
    • Upper and lower thresholds
    • Upper and lower reference curves
    • Upper and lower reference spectra
  • Interface for remote control, communication and data exchange with higher level test bench control system
  • Recording of sound and vibration signals for detailed offline analysis
  • BSR Reporter for statistical analysis and documentation of test results over user selectable production dates, serial numbers, test results...
  • BSR Analyzer for detailed offline analysis of sound and vibration
  • Recommended operating system: Windows 7 64-bit


Examples Acoustic Quality Test Systems

  • Acoustic quality test and functional test of electric seat adjusters

  • Acoustic quality test and functional test of sunroof systems and panorama sunroof systems

  • Acoustic quality test and functional test of folding soft tops

  • Acoustic quality test and functional test of electronic steering column adjustment

  • Acoustic quality test of electronic seat belt height adjuster

  • Acoustic quality test of navigation displays

  • Acoustic quality test and functional test of electric windows

  • Acoustic quality test and performance test of electric motors


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› BSR Sound Quality
› BSR Order Analysis
› Microphones & Sensors
› Calibrators


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