World-Class Engineered Products and Test Solutions for Squeak & Rattle, Sound & Vibration, Transducer Calibration and more...

Since the 1930s MB Dynamics has been a top supplier of vibration and shock solutions. MB relies on knowledge and innovation in maintaining our reputation as a leading supplier of Modal Exciters, Squeak & Rattle Test Systems, Calibration Solutions, Vibration Test Equipment, Steering Module Test Simulators and Sound&Vibration test systems. Turnkey test solutions include:


Squeak & Rattle Test Systems, Steering Module Test Simulators, Quiet Shaker Systems

Squeak&Rattle Test System for components Squeak&Rattle Test System for full vehicles Steering Module Test Simulator Electrodynamic Shaker Systems
Squeak & Rattle Full Vehicle S&R Systems Steering Test Simulator Shaker Systems
Quiet Squeak & Rattle test systems for modules, subsystems & components, excitation in 1-6 DOFs Full vehicle S&R Systems for production verification and off-line auditing for identifying Squeak & Rattle root causes Quiet Steering Module Test Simulators for simulation of Road & Vehicle inputs and driver functionality in the lab Quiet electrodynamic shaker systems from 100N to 4400N including Horizontal Moving Tables, Cooling Package...


Vibration Controller, Sound & Vibration Test Systems & Calibration Systems

Modal Shaker Systems Vibration Control System Squeak&Rattle Metrics Transducer Calibration System
Modal Shaker Vibration Controller Test & Measurement Calibration Systems
Modal Excitation Solutions from leading worldwide supplier. Family of modal exciters from 9N-4000N (!) Vibration & Shock Controller for single- and multi-shaker test setups. SINE, RANDOM, TIME HISTORY and more... Test & Measurement Systems for objective BSR testing, Sound&Vibration analysis and general data acquisition Automated Vibration Transducer Calibration Solutions. Low Frequency, Shock and more...






› Driver Simulator
Extreme quiet closed-loop controlled rotary exciter
MB Driver Simulator - Offers extreme quiet, closed-loop controlled simulation of driver inputs and steering maneuvers.
› Suspension Test Rig
Suspension Component Test Rig
SCTR Suspension Component Test Rig enables objective analysis of Stick-Slip, rattling and creaking noises in suspension components.
› New Algorithm for BSR
BSR Suite - Die Komplettlösung für Squeak&Rattle und Sound Quality Testing
Adaptive Background Noise Compensation enables repeatable & comparable objective Squeak & Rattle Tests